Bad Credit? No Problem: 5 Ways You Can Still Buy a Home

Bad credit generally describes a record of past failures to keep up with payments on your credit agreements, resulting in the inability to get approved for new credit, like a traditional mortgage loan. It typically means you haven’t paid your credit and other obligations on time, or haven't paid them at all. Your credit report

How to sell your house for the most money

Understand your local market When there’s more homes for sale than there are buyers, it usually brings prices down as sellers compete for fewer buyers. We often call this a buyers’ market. On the other hand, when there’s more buyers than there are homes for sale, it tends to drive prices up as buyers compete

Selling your home in Today?

Getting ready for a  home sale isn’t something you should aim to do in a weekend. It usually requires small repairs – inside and out, paintwork, decluttering, finding the right estate agent and assembling the necessary documentation. All this takes about three times longer than you think so take plenty of time to prepare. Check out

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